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Hello! We are Will and George, two friends with a common passion for helping people and businesses grow and connect through technology. In late 2016, we began talking to friends and family who were influencers on YouTube or worked in the industry. We found one common theme: a large disconnect between the products that creators loved to feature in their videos and the viewers ability to actually discover those products. So, we decided to build Weave to provide the best way for creators to visually represent and express the products that they love, and the easiest way for fans to discover and buy. We’ve now had the opportunity to work with some pretty cool creators and brands, and look forward to building new tools to better serve our customers.


We’re Weave, and we’re passionate about helping social creators thrive by connecting them with brands. Today, we’re the easiest way to build product pages for your YouTube videos and to affiliate links to retailers, but we’re excited to help content creators connect with their favorite brands to create long lasting partnerships


We are the world’s best way for content makers to connect with the best retailers. Weave was built for the sole purpose of making it simpler for creators to work with brands that they are featuring in their content. We pride ourselves on transparency and technology, and believe the combination of the two lead to the best experience for influencers, brands, and fans


Our technology is at the core of our company and plays a critical role in the service we provide to our three audiences. The systems we use optimize for efficiency and a delightful user experience. This allows us to build a platform that always maximizes the return for content makers and brands, and that always gives the fans exactly what they want to see.


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